[싱글 발매/New Release] Pink Plastic Balloon

Here are the cover image and the lyric video for my new single "Pink Plastic Balloon". The song is available on all the major international & Korean music platforms for streaming and downloading. :)

I heard the rough sketch of this song by my friend Geoff, and I told him I wanted to have it released as my single and also include it in my EP, and here we are now with this single! My buddy Geoffrey Lewis is an awesome singer-songwriter and a good friend of mine. Check out his stuff on SoundCloud, social media, and other platforms on the internet!

Also I'd like to give a shout out to B. A. Wheeler and Union Studios in Seoul too, for recording, mixing, and mastering for this song, fantastically!

Vocals - Hurricane Kimchi (aka Heezy Yang)

Lyrics and Music - Geoffrey Lewis

Guitars - Geoffrey Lewis

Drums - B. A. Wheeler

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - B. A. Wheeler

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제 두 번째 싱글 "Pink Plastic Balloon"이 지난 주에 정식 발매가 되었습니다. 국내외 모든 음원 플랫폼에서 들으실 수 있답니다. 함께 작업해준 재능과 실력도 넘치는 뮤지션 친구들 Geoffrey Lewis와 B. A. Wheeler에게 특별히 감사의 말을 전합니다. 제 첫 번째 곡과는 아주 다른 포크 장르의 영어곡입니다. 잔잔하고 부드러운 가운데에 메세지 또한 담겨 있어 저는 너무 좋은데, 여러분들께서도 들어보시고 좋아해주시길 바라요! :)

보컬 - Hurricane Kimchi (aka Heezy Yang)

작사와 작곡 - Geoffrey Lewis

기타들 - Geoffrey Lewis

드럼 - B. A. Wheeler

녹음, 믹싱, 미스터링 - B. A. Wheeler

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