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About Me

Hello. I'm Heezy Yang. I'm a Seoul-born queer artist and activist. I have been active in the LGBTQ+ scene in South Korea and beyond since the early 2010s. I have been creating and exhibiting artworks related to various queer issues, and performing in drag as Hurricane Kimchi, advocating LGBTQ+ rights. In 2018, I became a Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 Artist. My work does not only stay in studios and exhibitions, but it also hits the streets and be part of protests.

(Photography by Kim Min Soo)

Selected Exhibitions
2022 Pride Expo (Seoul) Group Exhibition

2021 Pride Expo (Seoul) Group Exhibition

2020 Queer Art Group Exhibition: Spectrum
2019 'Queer Asia' Art Exhibition at British Museum and SOAS
2019 Heezy Yang Retrospective Show in London, UK
2019 Seoul Drag Parade Photography Exhibition: SEOUL+DRAG
2018 'Queer Asia' Art Exhibition at SOAS
2017 Drag Queens On Canvas
2016 Seoul Pride Special Event: Boys And The Colours
2015 Seoul Pride Special Event: A Few Pieces In Almaz

Selected Performances
2023 We Are Trans-People (Transgender Day of Visibility Fundraiser)

2019, 2023 Pride Week at University of Utah Asia Campus

& George Mason Korea

2022 London, UK Tour

2022 Seoul Pride, Daegu Pride, Jeju Pride

2020 Live at Jebidabang

2020 Opening Act for RuPaul's Drag Race Werq The World in Seoul
2019 PinkDot Seoul

2019 Daegu Pride, Incheon Pride, Jeju Pride, Gyeongnam Pride
2018 Daegu Pride, Jeju Pride
2017 'Queer Asia' Conference at SOAS
2017 Daegu Pride, Jeju Pride
2016-2017 Street Performance 'You May Now Kiss The Groom'
2016 Seoul Pride, Daegu Pride
2015-2016 Street Performance 'Unjustifiable'
2013-2015 Seoul Pride

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About My Drag

I have been active as a drag queen with the name of Hurricane Kimchi since 2014. I have been performing at various LGBTQ+ events (including Seoul Pride, Daegu Pride, Incheon Pride, Jeju Pride, and Gyeongnam Pride) as well as protesting in the streets and at rallies in drag to raise LGBTQ+ awareness. In 2018, I co-founded an annual event/oragnisation called Seoul Drag Parade and have been a chief organiser of it. I have also performed outside of South Korea - in London (UK), New York, Oslo, and Copenhagen. I organise and host shows, sing live, lip sync, and dance. I also write and release original songs, along with music videos, as a singer-songwriter, using my drag name.

(Photography by 강조새)

Social Media and Contact

  • Instagram
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  • Twitter
  • YouTube

For journalism, business discussions, purchasing art, and other inquiries, it is best to contact me via E-mail, instead of messaging on social media.

(Photography by Qamera)



Media Appearances

This is a list of selected articles that feature me, with links to them.


Online Seoul Drag Parade goes global

The Korea Times

Interview – Hurricane Kimchi and Ali Zahoor

E-International Relations


Drag artist dives into songwriting

The Korea Times

Coronavirus: Your Stories


How South Korea’s Nightclub Outbreak Is Shining an Unwelcome Spotlight on the LGBTQ Community


'코로나19 낙인에 게이 낙인' 이태원 클럽 기사에 두번 우는 성소수자들

BBC Korea

Drag artists prepare to ‘Werq the World’

The Korea Herald


Seoul's burgeoning drag scene confronts conservative attitudes


Dragaktivisten Heezy Yang besøker Oslo og MIR


Why I became a drag activist in South Korea

Gay Star News

‘헤드윅’ 속 드랙이 거리로…‘서울드랙퍼레이드’를 아시나요?


2nd Seoul Drag Parade kicks off in Haebangchon



30 Under 30 Asia 2018: Social Renaissance Underscores South Korea's Honorees


드랙퀸의 외출 : 성소수자 여기에 있다(화보)


South Korea’s debut drag queen parade held in Seoul

South China Morning Post

Seoul just held its very first drag parade and the photos are amazing

Gay Star News

South Korea held its first ever drag queen parade – and it was incredible

Pink News

한국에서 처음 열린 드랙 퍼레이드에 가다(화보)


우리는 저항하고 깨뜨린다


하이힐 신은 '그'를 보려고 무대 앞은 발 디딜 틈 없다



Hurricane Kimchi appears on BBC World News

London Korean Links

Meet The South Korean Artist Creating Space for Queer People

Into More

Expats decry military for gay sex conviction

The Korean Herald


Queer Street Performer in South Korea Promotes Acceptance With Art


[포토 에세이] 서울 게이 클럽의 여름 밤 풍경


하이힐 신은 남자 히지양의 외출, 서울 시청서 무슨 일이


Here’s Why I Walked Around Seoul Dressed As Drag Queen ‘Hurricane Kimchi’


게이, 드랙퀸 허리케인 김치, 서울을 걷다



Huffpost Japan

Behind the Scenes with a Controversial Drag Performer in Seoul

10 Magazine


Q&A: Activist Heezy Yang - Heezy expresses daily injustice.

Time Out Seoul

Q&A: 액티비스트 히지 양 - 그가 표현하는 정당하지 않은 우리 주변의 이야기.

타임 아웃 서울

Artist explores LGBT, social issues in Korea

The Korea Herald

Get Connected with LGBTQIA and Allies in Korea

10 Magazine

AP PHOTOS: LGBT people in conservative S. Korea find hope

AP News

Non-affirming Christians plan protest against Queer Cultural Festival’s Opening Ceremony

The Korea Observer

Out in the World: Seoul Gay Scene

Seattle Gay Scene

LGBT artist to stage latest protest in Seoul

The Korea Times



Heezy Yangs Geheimnis - Homosexualität ist in Südkorea verpönt. Nur langsam fällt das Tabu.

Wiener Zeitung

Heezy, Artist, Seoul, South Korea

The Gay Men Project

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