Hello. I'm Heezy, and That Korean Queer Artist is a blog and website where I share my art, stories, news, thoughts, feelings, and whatever that falls into my life that I feel like sharing. So the content is mostly queer-related, Korea-related, both, or just me-related. You can find out more about who I am below, and take a closer look at my art and drag in other sections of this website.

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About Me

I'm Heezy Yang, a Seoul-born Korean queer artist. I draw, take photos, write songs and stories, perform on and off stage, and organise and host events. I get myself involved in queer activism as much as possible. I co-founded Seoul Drag Parade and have been the chief organiser of the annual event. I was lucky enough to become a Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 Artist but now I'm 30. I wish to get some more tattoos when I'm doing financially better which I hope is soon, and I occasionally enjoy taking selfies.

(Photography by Kim Min Soo)

Selected Exhibitions
2020 Queer Art Group Exhibition: Spectrum
2019 'Queer Asia' Art Exhibition at British Museum and SOAS
2019 Heezy Yang Retrospective Show at Take Courage Gallery
2019 Seoul Drag Parade Photography Exhibition: SEOUL+DRAG
2018 'Queer Asia' Art Exhibition at SOAS
2017 Drag Queens On Canvas
2016 Seoul Pride Exhibition: Boys And The Colours
2015 Seoul Pride Exhibition: A Few Pieces In Almaz

Selected Performances
2020 Live at Jebidabang
2019 PinkDot Seoul

2019 Daegu Pride, Incheon Pride, Jeju Pride, Gyeongnam Pride
2018 Daegu Pride, Jeju Pride
2017 'Queer Asia' Conference at SOAS
2017 Daegu Pride, Jeju Pride
2016-2017 Street Performance 'You May Now Kiss The Groom'
2016 Seoul Pride, Daegu Pride
2015-2016 Street Performance 'Unjustifiable'
2013-2015 Seoul Pride

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About My Drag

My drag name is Hurricane Kimchi. I started drag in 2014 and since then I have been performing at various events as well as protesting in the streets in drag to raise LGBTQ awareness. In 2018, I founded an annual event/oragnisation called Seoul Drag Parade and have been a chief organiser of it. I have also had (both solo and group) drag shows overseas - in London, New York, Oslo, and Copenhagen. I'm capable of hosting in both Korean and English, singing live, lipsyncing, and dancing. I do song-writing as well and released singles under my drag name, and they are available on all major music streaming platforms.

(Photography by 강조새)

Social Media and Contact

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For journalism, business discussions, and inquiries on purchasing art, contact me via E-mail, instead of messaging on social media.

(Photography by Qamera)