Other Work

I wrote some articles and self-published books.

I also made some short comics and graphic novels but they are pretty basic and simple. Nothing cool to see here really.

You may still see brief previews/summaries of them below.


You can only get these directly from me.

Short queer story collection <Kim Kiwoong And I> consists of 2 short stories – ‘Kim Kiwoong And I’, and ‘Homo Hill’. ‘Kim Kiwoong And I’ is a coming-of-age story that is about a gay teenager who goes to a boys’ high school in Korea. It contains Korea’s education system and societal atmosphere of the 2000s as it is an auto-biographical fiction by me. While the main character of ‘Homo Hill’ is older than the main character in ‘Kim Kiwoong And I’ and legally an adult, he is still a young outcast in his early 20s living in the Korean society. The story follows a night he spends in and around Homo Hill, which is a real place in Seoul. The book also includes 6 hand-drawn illustration created by me.

<Seoul+Drag> is a photography and interview book that contains photographs and interviews of 20 Seoul-based drag artists who worked with Seoul Drag Parade – an annual event and organisation that creates spaces and events for Seoul’s drag artists and drag fans. The featured (both Korean and non-Korean) artists talk about what drag means to them, their impression on Seoul’s drag scene, and their role models and inspirations. All content is in both Korean and English.

Comics and Graphic Novels