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Korean Drag Queen Hurricane Kimchi's New Single And Music Video 'Seoul'

Hey, guys. So I've recently released another single 💿 and a music video 🎞️ for it under my drag name Hurricane Kimchi. The title of this post makes it sound like I'm not Hurricane Kimchi, and I'm just writing about her new releases 😂 but I had to do it for when the link to this post is shared with people who are not my friends or not in my circle, so please excuse me 😂

Korean drag queen lgbtq artist activist Hurricane Kimchi aka Heezy Yang single Seoul cover photography by 강조새
Photo by 강조새

This is my 5th single, and my second original song to be released. The title of the song is pretty self-explanatory - the song is about Seoul which is my home city. I wrote it about a year ago, but it took some time to polish it, get help for arranging instruments, record and master it, etc etc. Long story short, the song is about the love and hate relationship I have with Seoul. Like I mention in the song, Seoul's got some real bad fine dust and ultra fine dust issues for starters. 😷 And living in the city as a full time queer artist and activist, I struggle with a lot of things, I'm pretty damn broke, and I've got some mental health issues to deal with as well. 💊 But I guess home is still is home and Seoul is where I'm most comfortable, after I come back from travelling to other cities, regions, and other countries. Not to mention I made some really great memories during my crazy 20s. So yeah, here we go, a song about all of that!

The song is available on pretty much all international and Korean music platforms for streaming and downloading, and you can watch the music video - shot in Hongdae and near the Han River - on YouTube. I will leave the link below so you don't need to bother to look it up yourself. See? I'm kind like that. Just kidding. I'm just desperate so please watch, like, and share the video. 😭🙏💙

I've also written an EDM-dance-pop number 💃 and a Trot number 🇰🇷 and I'm hoping to be able to share those songs later this year and early next year, so feel free to follow my drag accounts on social media and stay updated!

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Below are cover images and music videos for my other singles, so feel free to check them out, if you'd like!