• Heezy Yang

LGBTQ+ People And Pets (Illustrations)

Since I started blogging early this year, I have been posting a lot about heavy stuff and many of the posts were quite lengthy with a lot of text, which kept me working so hard that I got stressed out at times. So this time I thought I would post something lighter and happier, with less text!

This post is a collage of my pet-related illustrations - both new ones and old ones. Unlike people, animals don't just you by your sexuality, sexual preference, or appearance. (Though they may judge you with other criteria, and honestly, that's fair.) And I see a lot of LGBTQ+ people and people from other minority groups finding love and companionship in pets, as in a lot of cases they can't find those in other people or social situations. Okay, enough talking. Here we go!

Pixel art that features pet dog and cat "They don't discriminate as long as you feed them." by Korean LGBTQ+ queer artist and activist Heezy Yang

The text under the pixel art states/implies exactly what I mentioned above. Just feed them regularly, and you will be either loved or still be hated by the pets, and their decisions will not be based on your sexuality or sexual preference.

Vegan gay couple pop art by Korean LGBTQ+ queer artist and activist Heezy Yang

This one doesn't really have a title but I usually just refer to it as "The vegan gays". Inspired by my good couple friends. From the mid-2010s, I think?! It's an old one.

"A Night Stroll" by Korean queer artist Heezy Yang, drawn in Korean traditional watercolour painting style.
A Night Stroll

Also inspired by the same people. For this one, I used the Korean traditional watercolour painting style, which I used in a lot of my other work, as well. This was first made in the mid 2010s, and then re-made in better quality in the late 2010s.

A short comic that features president moon jae-in and a cat. Made by Korean queer artist and LGBTQ+ activist Heezy Yang.

Oh this is the latest illustrated work by me. I drew the draft for this a few weeks ago, and then I got busy so I didn't get to finish it until last night. So the background information you need to know to fully understand this is that A) Korea's current president Moon Jae-in, who was formerly a human rights lawyer, stated that he opposes homosexuality during the presidential debate. B) Cats that would bite you...would bite you whether you are gay or not. The consistency. No discrimination based on your sexuality!

A short comic that features president moon jae-in and a cat. Made by Korean queer artist and LGBTQ+ activist Heezy Yang. 문재인과 고양이가 등장하는 퀴어 성소수자 카툰 코믹 만화.

And the Korean version. Not sure if I wrote the Korean script first or the English script first. I go back and forth with English and Korean when I think, talk, make art, etc. But I think the joke works in both languages and both versions deliver the message pretty well.

LGBTQ+ advocate puppies! I realised that I've drawn cats way more than I've drawn dogs so I felt guilty and created these two recently, lol. FYI, I love both dogs and cats, and I've raised them both!

Self-portrait of Korean LGBTQ+ queer artist and activist Heezy Yang, with his pets - a dog and a cat.

This is a self-portrait. Since I went digital in the early 2010s, I've hardly drawn anything with my hands on paper, so I thought I would play with the coloured pencils that's been sitting in the corner of my room. I had a toy poodle who couldn't straighten his hind legs for about 15 years, and I have a grey and white cat that my family rescued...is what I was planning to write when I drew this a few weeks ago, but now I have two cats actually. Last week, I've adopted a 5-day-old stray kitten from a temporary home, that is missing in this drawing. So I guess that means I will have to make another pet appreciation post in the future that includes the new kitten. Perhaps I will attach some photos of them then too. Okay got 2 go to feed the newborn. Bye!